Property Finance Experts

Property Finance Experts won’t just get you a loan for your property purchase (any old mortgage broker could do that).

They will surround you with an “All-Star Team” of experts to assist you with every part of being a successful property investor.

You will:

  • Have access to Australia’s BEST PROPERTY MANAGERS, who leave other property managers in the dust with the superior service that they offer. And that’s guaranteed.
  • Know where to go to get the CHEAPEST depreciation report in the country (so that you can maximise the cashflows on your property)
  • Be introduced (should you wish) to an “Investment Property Specialist” Accountant who will probably be able to get you a BIG TAX REFUND now that you are a property investor
  • Feel SAFER because Property Finance Experts will ensure you have the opportunity to appropriately insure your property
  • SAVE MONEY on legal fees if you want a referral to one of the best in the business (who is at least as good, but cheaper than everyone else)
  • Have the option of being part of an ELITE NETWORK of Property Investors who are kept up to date with the latest news, tips and investment opportunities
  • Be set up with the best loan structure not just for your immediate requirements, but so that you can set the foundations right now to enable you to build your property investment portfolio on the right foundations…right from the start.

Oh and by the way, you will also get the best service and be introduced to the best loan product for your circumstances (but that’s just the beginning when you deal with Property Finance Experts).

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